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kanji family name - Yoshida - T-Shirt
kanji family name – Yoshida – T-Shirt
by kanji_studiofruitjam
We’ve collected the most common Japanese family names and the most famous Japanese family names in the world. It is said that there are about 300,000 different family names in Japan. 吉田(yoshida / よしだ)

これらには120スタイル4つのプロダクト があります。 成人、キッズ、ベイビー用、女性、男性、ユニセックス用、長袖、半袖、タンクトップ、多彩なサイズ・カラーがあります。ただし、スタイルはZazzleがデザインを自動的に適用しているため、製品として不適当な物が含まれている場合があります。
There are 120 styles and 4 products. Styles for adults, kids, babies, women, men, unisex, long sleeves, short sleeves, tank tops, and a variety of sizes and colors are available. However, the styles are automatically applied by Zazzle, so some of them may be inappropriate for products. If this is the case, the user can tweak the design by changing the color, resizing it, or moving it around.


日本語販売サイトはこちら (機械翻訳が変ですが、ご了承ください)


There are other products like this. *You can change the color of the kanji to any color you like. The English translation of the meaning of kanji is also customizable to your native language.
Any of my designs can be transferred to over a thousand other items.
Note: If you choose a black t-shirt for the style, please avoid black text. Please change the black text to other colors through customization. This page contains affiliate links, but at no financial cost to the user.

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